Rubber Track

Rubber track is a novel rubber driving belt which features low noise, small vibration, high traction, no pavement damage, low ground pressure, high speed, light weight, etc. It is mainly used for engineering machinery and agricultural & forestry machinery, some of which are used for substituting steel tracks and tires. Tonly rubber tracks have been exported to Europe, North America, Australia, Japan, India and other countries, winning good reputations widely. At present, Tonly Rubber has produced rubber tracks by joint-free integral molding and vulcanization technology, further prolonging the service life of Tonly rubber tracks.

Rubber Pad

Rubber Pad is an improved and extended product of metal Pad, which is mainly mounted on metal pad and features convenient installation and replacement, as well as no pavement damage. Tonly rubber Pad is divided into a plane fixed model, an end fixed model and a roadway paving model.

Rubber Fender

Rubber fender is a protective device suitable for ships, ports, wharfs and other places, which can fully absorb collision energy, reduce collision force to the maximum extent and ensure the stability and integrity of ship bodies and wharfs. Rubber fenders have the following advantages: A. low counterforce, small surface pressure, and reasonable energy absorption; B. simple shape, and convenient installation and maintenance; C. unaffected by the dimension of ships and wharfs, and wide application; D. strong adaptability to beaching roll and pitch of ships. Rubber fenders are mainly applied to all the ports in China, while some rubber fenders are exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and other countries.

Transplanter Rubber Wheel

Transplanter wheels are mainly used for hand guided and self-propelled transplanters. The company can develop and produce transplanter rubber wheels of various specifications for transplanter manufacturers. Warmly welcome agricultural machinery manufacturers to choose Tonly transplanter wheels.  

Rubber Wares

  Tonly Rubber also produces various mechanical sealing parts, anti-vibration parts, rubber rollers, solid tires, high-pressure rubber hose assemblies and other special rubber products.  

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